SimSpray Updates

We regularly update our training software for SimSpray® and SimSpray Go®. These updates include new training features, project parts, environments, and customization options that ensure trainees and trainers get the most out of their paint training programs.

SimSpray 3.3—Broad Industry Support, Bigger Parts, and Custom Paint

SimSpray's 3.3 update introduces broad updates to training content, adds more and bigger parts, and revamps projects with an easy-to-use interface.

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SimSpray Go: Powder—A Compact Training Option for Powder Coaters

SimSpray Go: Powder expands SimSpray Go's training options with compact, portable training for powder coaters. This new model uses industry-leading VR content in an off-the-shelf package that students and instructors can use to start training right away.

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SimSpray Go—A Portable, Tabletop Model

A new SimSpray model that prioritizes convenience, quality, and reliability in a compact, portable, off-the-shelf package. This tabletop model features a selection of SimSpray's training content and features to promote HVLP painter training.

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SimSpray 3.2.2—HMD-Free Mode

SimSpray 3.0 and SimSpray Go models now include an HMD-Free training mode. SimSpray's new HMD-Free mode is an admin-enabled mode that allows users to train without the use of a VR head-mounted display (HMD).

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SimSpray 3.2—Custom Score Settings, Updated Coverage Map, and New Parts

Broad updates to content management and projects including score settings, the project editor, the coverage map, and abrasive blasting.

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SimSpray 3.0—Hardware Redesign and Software Updates

Several improvements to the hardware and software for the new 3.0 model. This generation of SimSpray features the most intuitive and user-friendly training experience VRSim has made to date.

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SimSpray 2.2.9—Improved Spray Physics and Environments

Updates to improve the realism of SimSpray's paint physics, defects, and environments. Practice paint skills in more immersive environments with more realistic paint clouds and responsive fluid and air pressure dials.

SimSpray 2.0—Hardware Update and Software Redesign

New hardware and software are available for SimSpray, including the Sixense Full-Presence Platform. This update to SimSpray provides more intuitive, immersive, and engaging training experiences.

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