About Us

Meet VRSim, Inc.

VRSim, Inc. is the innovative company behind SimSpray®. We create immersive simulations and interactive software designed to help trainees develop skills and master techniques.

Our Mission

Founded in 2001, VRSim creates effective, efficient, meaningful training experiences that result in highly skilled workers. We use the power of virtual reality to create products that support students, educators, instructors, trainers, and business leaders. We design, develop, and refine practical applications that help you maximize the benefits of virtual reality training.


Our Innovation

VRSim designed SimSpray as an easy-to-use virtual reality training tool for painters and coating applicators. SimSpray is the first product in the coatings industry to use immersive virtual reality experiences to teach basic skills. SimSpray supports all program sizes, administrators, program managers, trainers, and trainees with meaningful education tools:

  • Real-time feedback and analysis
  • Realistic environments
  • Basic to complex project parts
  • Unlimited practice time with repeatable lessons
  • Integrated ROI tracking for time and materials
  • In-the-moment cues and evaluation
  • Detailed scoring and performance breakdowns
  • Customizable training content and parts

All this comes in an easy-to-use "plug and play" format that can be set up in minutes.

Our Team

VRSim’s seasoned experts have years of experience with virtual reality training systems. We design tools that help keep students on the cutting edge while allowing the educators and employers who train them to teach more, safer, and faster.


Our sales team is here to answer your questions and help you determine which SimSpray model and add-ons best match your training needs.


Our support team will assist you with any virtual painter training needs. Contact us for training tips, troubleshooting, technical support, and questions and concerns.


Our developer team has firsthand experience with the training and concepts we provide. We work with subject matter experts and rely on industry feedback to ensure SimSpray’s training value.

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