SimSpray Go's
Portable Painter Training

A compact, affordable virtual reality paint training tool that offers a lightweight and portable training experience, SimSpray Go is our newest innovation for VR paint training. This out-of-the-box, tabletop VR painter training tool offers efficiency and effectiveness for your training programs. SimSpray Go delivers all the training benefits of virtual reality at a budget-friendly price point.

Train With SimSpray Go

"Off-the-Shelf" Virtual Reality Painter Training

SimSpray Go™ makes painter training faster, safer, and more efficient. Provide hands-on experiences without the spray booth, materials, setup, hassle, or equipment required to start a typical coating project.


Ease of Setup and Use

SimSpray Go provides a compact, portable training experience with hassle-free setup. Get set up and start training in minutes.

Hands-On Training Experience

A variety of industry-standard parts, realistic paint details, and engaging environments keep students immersed in the learning experience. Immediate repeatability and better accessibility combined with real-time feedback let students progress quicker in each training session.


Waste-Free Training

Virtual reality paint training lets students train with limitless materials, free from material waste concerns and without exposure to the hazardous fumes and chemicals involved with in-person training.

Real-Time Performance Feedback and Analysis

Trainees learn by doing with tools that provide feedback on speed, distance, angle, and coating quality. Performance scores and breakdowns help students and instructors identify opportunities for improvement.

Customizable Options

Tailor training with a project editor. Train with low tolerances to teach the basics, or create projects with rigorous coating specifications through SimSpray Go’s custom project and scoring options.

SimSpray Go Model Features

Case and Setup

  • Portable, “Plug and Play” Design
  • Real-Time Motion Tracking with Minimal Setup
  • Professional Grade HMD: HTC VIVE Pro Eye
  • Laptop with HD Display and Wireless Mouse
  • Compact Case with Dedicated Storage and Protective Foam
  • Weight and Dimensions: 37 lbs (17kg) 33" x 20" x 12" (84 x 51 x 31 cm)

Training Experience

  • Automatic, Customizable ROI Tracking Through the Paintometer®
  • Integrated Learning Curriculum with Customizable Lessons and Courses
  • Performance Analysis and Feedback with Customizable Score Weighting
  • Basic to Advanced Geometric Shapes to Learn Coating Fundamentals
  • Optional, Add-On Parts (Industry Specific, Dependent on Model)
  • Realistic Spray Gun with Dual-Stage Trigger, Adjustable Nozzle, and Fluid and Pressure Dials (SimSpray Go: HVLP only)
  • Powder Coating Gun with Single-Stage Trigger (SimSpray Go: Powder only)

Immersive Environments

Choose Your Model

ModelProcess(es)PartsOptional Add-Ons
SimSpray Go: HVLPHVLP14 Parts (Basic to Advanced Geometry and Industry Parts)HVLP Edge-Blending
Furniture and Cabinetry Parts Pack
SimSpray Go: PowderPowder Coating26 Parts (Geometric Shapes, Practice Panels, Channels, and Industrial Parts)n/a

Customize Your Training with Add-Ons

HVLP Edge-Blending

3 new projects focused on feathering new and existing paint. Includes a unique cue that guides students as they arc their spray gun to gently blend the edge of their paint coat.

Available for SimSpray Go: HVLP

Furniture and Cabinetry Parts Pack

12 wooden furniture and cabinetry parts designed to challenge trainees with basic, intermediate, and complex shapes. Includes cabinet frames, drawers, shelves, and furniture.

Available for SimSpray Go: HVLP


SimSpray Go is Ideal for:

  • Mobile Training & Recruitment Programs
  • Educators with Tight Budgets
  • Smaller Automotive or Aviation Shops
  • Training Providers with Multiple Locations

What’s New About Go?

SimSpray Go is a compact, portable model of SimSpray. It offers SimSpray's training tools at a more accessible, lightweight, and budget-friendly price point.

Discover How Easy Paint Training Can Be With Virtual Reality

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