Virtual Reality Painting Benefits

SimSpray Supports Your Paint Training and Education Needs

SimSpray® and SimSpray Go™ increase your training opportunities.

Train 5x faster and reduce material costs by up to 50%(1).

Just-in-Time Training

Hands-on experiences when and where they are needed.

Defect Identification Filters

Independent Experience

Students learn-by-doing with immersive, realistic paint projects, objective feedback, and performance cues for angle, distance, and speed.

Collaborative Learning

Teach through shared experiences and foster team communication.

Learning Curriculum

Customizable Learning Paths

Choose from default lessons or create new projects with custom coats and application requirements.

VR Training Tools Deliver Efficient, Effective Skill Development

HVLP Spray Painting

Efficient Training

Train with accessible, repeatable projects. No prep, no waste.

Immediate Feedback

Improve results with detailed performance analysis and live scoring.

Effective Teaching

Use objective analysis and virtual performance assessment tools to enhance instruction.

Substantial Cost Savings With SimSpray

Integrated ROI Tracking

Track cost savings and use through the Paintometer®. Customize costs in the Paintometer for a tailored ROI analysis.

Reduced Material Costs

Train with virtual materials, free from hazardous chemicals, fumes, and VOC emissions.

Discover the Benefits of Virtual Reality Paint Training Today

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A Fast, Safe, and Cost-Effective Virtual Reality Training Tool for Painters and Coaters

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