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Faster, safer, and more cost-effective tools for your painters, blasters, or powder coaters.


Models for Every Program

There is a SimSpray® model for every size and type of program, and both hardware models are customizable through content add-ons. These virtual reality training tools allow you to teach coating skills up to 5x faster and reduce material costs by up to 50% with either model(1).

SimSpray is a standalone training tool that supports a robust set of coating and blasting processes. SimSpray also offers larger parts for programs in manufacturing and workforce development organizations.

SimSpray Go™ is a compact, portable version of SimSpray. SimSpray Go: HVLP is tailored to support HVLP painter training for schools and specialty manufacturers.

Model FeaturesSimSpraySimSpray Go
"Plug and Play"YesYes
Real-Time Motion Tracking with Minimal SetupYesYes
Professional Grade HMDHTC VIVE Pro EyeHTC VIVE Pro Eye
Automatic, Customizable ROI Tracking Through the Paintometer®YesYes
Integrated Learning Curriculum with Customizable Lessons and CoursesYesYes
Performance Analysis and Feedback with Customizable Score WeightingYesYes
Paintable Parts: Basic to Advanced Geometry and Industry PartsUp to 51 Default
20 Add-On
14 Default
15 Add-On
SimSpray Spray Gun for HVLP, Airless, and Air-Assisted TrainingYesHVLP Only
SimSpray Powder Coating Gun for Powder Coating TrainingYesNo
SimSpray Abrasive Blasting Gun for Abrasive Blasting TrainingYesNo
HD Display with Intuitive ControlsTouch ScreenMouse and Keyboard
Case with Dedicated StorageStandalone, Wheelable UnitTabletop, Portable, Wheelable Unit
Weight and Dimensions145 lbs (66kg) 24.5" x 25" x 48" (62 x 64 x 122 cm)37 lbs (17kg) 33" x 20" x 12" (84 x 51 x 31 cm)

Training Content and Features


  • HVLP
  • Airless
  • Air-Assisted Airless
  • Powder Coating
  • Abrasive Blasting
  • Conveyor Lines


  • Applicator Speed (Cue)
  • Spray Angle (Cue)
  • Part Distance (Cue)
  • Transfer Efficiency
  • Dry Film Thickness (Mil Build)
  • Defect Identification
  • HVLP Edge-Blending


  • Automotive
  • Aerospace
  • Construction
  • Furniture & Cabinetry
  • Heavy Equipment
  • Industrial Components
  • American Standards of Testing & Measurement (ASTM) Panels
  • Practice Panels & Geometric Shapes
  • Custom Parts Development

“You push a button, and you have a clean part to start with. It gives a lot of repetitions in a pretty short period of time, which you can't get in production environments today.”

- New Model Paint Project Lead at East Liberty Auto Plant

“The software provides real-time feedback to the instructor as well. We can pause what they are doing and show them where they’ve moved the sprayer too quickly or too slowly. We can show them where they overlapped their paint layers too much or too little.

- Puget Sound Naval Shipyard & Intermediate Maintenance Facility

“Experienced painters visiting the school all comment on my students' technique and ask how they got to be so good.

My answer is SimSpray.”

- Program Head of Collision Repair and Refinishing Technology

“We use the simulator to help build up their muscle memory. When they pick up a real sprayer, the speed and distance must be second nature to them.

- Puget Sound Naval Shipyard & Intermediate Maintenance Facility

“SimSpray is a valuable tool to use for training paint associates for manual painting technique practice.”

“Increased associate practice/feedback 15x more than live painting.”

- Top 10 Auto Manufacturer

“Students are able to gain industry-specific skills through its interactive training simulator that is quick, safe, and cost-efficient.

- Program Head of Collision Repair and Refinishing Technology


SimSpray Products Deliver:

Accessible, Engaging Training

Offer students hands-on experiences in realistic environments that allow them to practice and repeat lessons as needed. Motivate and track student progress with challenging projects, easy-to-understand scores, and an in-depth performance breakdown.

Performance Review & Analysis

Teach skills with realistic experiences and evaluate performance and technique with real-time metrics, feedback, and analysis. Give trainees clear, immediate feedback on where they can improve and what they did right. Feedback includes applicator speed, part distance, spray angle, transfer efficiency, dry film thickness, and overall performance scores.

Customizable Training Curriculums

Create bite-size training projects or develop a more structured learning curriculum. Customize VR paint training projects for different industry sectors, including automotive, aerospace, construction, and furniture and cabinetry. Adjustable score weights help emphasize what matters most for a quality coating.

Immersive Environments Without the Waste

Give students the same engaging experience they’d get from a real-life training session in a virtual reality environment that doesn’t expose students or instructors to hazardous materials or equipment. Students learn quickly and create no footprint in this completely waste-free experience.

A Virtual Reality Paint Training Product for Every Organization

SimSpray offers the leading VR training tools for the painting and coating industry. With hands-on, realistic training environments, customizable training content, and real-time feedback, SimSpray products provide faster, safer, and more cost-effective training experiences.

Discover Which Virtual Reality Paint Training Product Is Right for You

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