Virtual Reality Painter Training

Enhance your training program. SimSpray® is easy to use, reduces ongoing training expenses, and will help your programs train quicker, safer, and more efficiently.

SimSpray - Automotive Painting in VR

A Virtual Reality Painter Training Tool for Every Organization

SimSpray is the leading VR training tool for the painting and coating industry. With hands-on, realistic training environments, customizable training content, and real-time feedback, SimSpray provides faster, safer, and more cost-effective training experiences.

Serving Education and Industry

SimSpray provides adaptable virtual reality training for...

Spray Coatings

Powder Coating

Abrasive Blasting

  • Educating

  • Just-in-Time Training

  • Recruitment

  • Cost Reduction

  • Qualification

  • Career Exposure

  • Up-Skilling

  • Workforce Development


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SimSpray Rail Content Pack


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Furniture & Cabinetry

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Building Trades


The Solution That Empowers Students and Instructors

Learning Modes

Make progress lesson by lesson, or pick and choose specific parts to practice.


Customize the training experience: scoring, lessons, and material systems.

Performance Portal

Track group-wide and individual progress in an optional, mobile-friendly, web-based portal.


SimSpray removes barriers from the learning experience. Provide hands-on training without the spray booth, materials, setup, hassle, or equipment required to start a typical coating project. Complete and repeat coating projects with ease to help trainees learn and master skills faster.


Operating Costs


Material Costs


More Experience

Efficient Training

Immediate Feedback

Custom Learning Paths

Collaborative Learning

Effective Teaching

Independent Experience

Training Cues

Just-in-Time Training

Brought to you by VRSim:

VRSim is a leading provider of virtual reality (VR) training solutions for skilled trades. Our immersive skills training systems bring cost-effective experiences, actionable performance insights, and just-in-time training to manufacturers, workforce development, and educational organizations across the globe. VRSim specializes in a practical approach to VR training that uses technology innovations to deliver easy-to-use, value-driven tools that improve learning outcomes. VRSim’s SimSpray empowers instructors with performance analysis and curriculum-building tools and engages trainees with hands-on experiences and a bit of healthy competition.

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