New HMD-Free Training Mode

VR HMD-Free Painter Training

Users will complete projects with motion-tracked equipment and use on-screen controls to access performance analysis, feedback, and adjust the part.

SimSpray® 3.0 and SimSpray Go™ models now include an HMD-Free training mode. SimSpray's new HMD-Free mode is an admin-enabled mode that allows users to train without the use of a VR head-mounted display (HMD). This new mode makes SimSpray's virtual training, hands-on practice, and performance feedback available outside of the immersive environment.

HMD-Free mode removes the immersive aspect of SimSpray's painter training. Access to the remaining training features are still available, including:

  • Accessible, hands-on training experience with virtual paint projects.
  • Paintometer® ROI tracking.
  • ​Performance cues (angle, distance, speed).
  • Detailed performance feedback for technique and coating quality.

This feature is available in software version 3.2.2 or later, and only available on SimSpray Go and SimSpray 3.0 (hardware model). Consult VRSim or your SimSpray distributor for instructions and information.

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