Summer 2018 Update
SimSpray 2.0

New Hardware and Software for Better, Faster Training

Announcing SimSpray® 2.0, the new and improved virtual reality training system for painters and coaters. ​SimSpray's v2.0 hardware and software update provides more intuitive, immersive, and engaging training experiences.

SimSpray 2.0 features updated software and hardware for faster, better, and more immersive painter training.

  • Realistic paint application with drips and defects.
  • Improved training modes: tutorial, lesson, and "free paint" for teaching, structured, or flexible practice.
  • New motion-tracking with the Sixense Full-Presence Platform.

Accurate, Powerful, Training-Capable Hardware

Better, more capable computer hardware to support the virtual reality simulation and data analysis that provide meaningful training insights.

The Sixense Full-Presence Platform is a key component in achieving full interaction between the trainee and the virtual world for a realistic, immersive experience.

SimSpray uses the Sixense Full-Presence Platform's 3D tracking data to create comprehensive evaluations of trainee performance and skills in need of improvement.

Intuitive Software That Promotes Training


This software redesign keeps the focus on training by adhering to these core principles:

  • User-Friendly: Training workflows mirror real scenarios and provide quick access to practice projects or more structured learning paths.
  • Intuitive: Controls and feedback are designed to provide information when and where it's needed and has the most impact.
  • Adaptable: Customizable projects and learning paths support structured and flexible training programs with micro-learning modules.

This model is no longer available for purchase.
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